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NASA Glenn 80th Anniversary

NASA Glenn is celebrating 80 years of pushing boundaries and breaking barriers! We invite students in grades 4 – 12 to join the celebration by sharing how NASA Glenn’s missions and people inspire their future careers or may change the way we live and work in the future. Please visit for more information about the essay contest.

How to Participate

Step 1: Carefully read the rules and information located at

Step 2: Choose one of the three essay topics, research the topic, and compose your essay. The essay topics are: 1) NASA Glenn’s Missions, 2) NASA Glenn’s People, and 3) NASA Glenn’s Future. The maximum length of essays are: 4th – 5th grade 100 words, 6th – 8th grade 200 words, and 9th – 12th grade 300 words.

Step 3:  Click here to submit your essay to NASA. If you are under 18 years old, your parent or adult caregiver must complete the registration form and submit your essay to NASA. Students who are 18 years old or older may complete their own registration form and submit their essay.



We will judge essays only in comparison to other essays from the same grade band (4th – 5th grade students, 6th – 8th grade students, and 9th – 12th grade students). Judges will select up to twenty-five winners from each grade band (seventy-five total winners).


Contest Prize

Winners will receive an invitation to participate in a live, virtual recognition event with NASA scientists and engineers including virtual tours of NASA Glenn facilities. Students will have an opportunity to have their questions answered by the NASA researchers. Two winners from each grade band will have their essays published on a NASA Glenn web page. 


If you need help or have questions about the essay contest, please contact us at:

Needs some inspiration? Dr. Marla Perez-Davis, NASA Glenn Research Center Director reflects on NASA Glenn’s 80th anniversary, her career and what we’ve accomplished over the decades.