Day Camp 5-6 Grade



Will be held at Liberty Middle School

1055 Evans Blvd.

Newark, Ohio

July 6-8, 2022

What is Be WISE Day Camp?
Be WISE Day Camp is a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) camp for girls entering grades 5 or 6 in the Fall of 2022.

When is this year’s Day Camp?
This year’s Day Camp will be held at Liberty Middle School, 1055 Evans Blvd., Newark, OH July 6-8, 2022 from 8:45AM- 4:00PM each day.  

What is “Be WISE Day Camp”?

The camp will feature real-life, hands-on STEAM activities with critical thinking, problem-solving, and real-life activities.  These activities are designed to develop interest in these fields and self-confidence in the students. The class sizes will be small to ensure maximum interaction.

Who will direct the camp?
Experienced teachers have been selected to teach in this camp. Most have had 15-20 years of experience at the Be WISE residential camp. The campers will be escorted to all classes by experienced camp counselors who are in high school or college.

Camp Fees
Camp fees are $170 which includes educational materials. Campers will need to bring a sack lunch with drink as no lunches will be provided.  Transportation to and from camp each day is NOT provided. Make checks payable to: Be WISE Day Camp. Payment in full is required with the camp application. Camp maximum is 72 girls. Applications will be accepted on a first come basis. Fees will be returned if the camp is full. There will be no refunds after May 30, 2022, unless camp is cancelled.  If camp is cancelled all camp fees will be returned.

Campers are expected to provide their own medical insurance.  Newark City Schools does not assume direct responsibility for the health care of those who are using the facilities for summer programs. In the event of injury/illness, campers will be transported.



How many varieties of birds can be found in Ohio?  Learn to identify many species found in central Ohio by their physical characteristics and sounds. Learn what makes birds unique with special emphasis on their biological systems and migratory habits.  Analyze stuffed bird skins, try to eat like a bird using various beak adaptations, and play a migration game.


Come and have fun with electricity!  Campers  will review circuit electricity (series and parallel) by building both series and parallel circuits.  Then campers will construct and design a house in a shoe box and provide power, electricity, to allow lights in their house.


Join us for fraction fun!  Campers will find themselves trapped in an imaginary escape room with no way out except for their use of fractions.  Learning how to apply their knowledge and use of fractions is their only hope as they struggle their way out  of this Fraction Frenzy Escape Room.  They may bring a notebook or phone or use ours to compete the excape room.   Campers will also be completing a fraction STEAM activity.  


Campers will learn/review the Engineering Design Process.  Then campers will use the Engineering Design Process to complete a challenge.


Wild animals occur in many different forms in a wide variety of habitats.  While we generally think in terms of birds and mammals, insects far exceed all the other groups of animals combined.  This class will explore the various forms and functions of insects from crawlers to flyers.  We will examine cracks in the sidewalk, school building windows, grassy areas, trees, and the air around us to see what we can discover about this amazing group of creatures!