Day Camp 5-6 Grade


July 7-9, 2021

What is Be WISE Day Camp?
Be WISE Day Camp is a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) camp for girls entering grades 5 or 6 in the Fall of 2021.

When is this year’s Day Camp?
This year’s Day Camp will be held at Blendon Woods, Sugarbush  Camp, 5364 Cherry Bottom Road, Gahanna, OH July 7-9, 2021 from 8:45AM- 4:15PM each day.  


What is “Be WISE Day Camp”?

The camp will feature real-life, hands-on STEM activities with critical thinking, problem-solving, and real-life activities.  These activities are designed to develop interest in these fields and self-confidence in the students. The class sizes will be small to ensure maximum interaction.

Who will direct the camp?
Experienced teachers have been selected to teach in this camp. Most have had 15-20 years of experience at the Be WISE residential camp. The campers will be escorted to all classes by experienced camp counselors who are in high school or college.

Camp Fees
Camp fees are $170 which includes educational materials. Campers will need to bring a sack lunch as no lunches will be provided.  Transportation to and from camp each day is NOT provided. Make checks payable to: Be WISE Day Camp. Payment in full is required with the camp application. Camp maximum is 72 girls. Applications will be accepted on a first come basis. Fees will be returned if the camp is full. There will be no refunds after May 30, 2021, unless camp is cancelled.  If camp is cancelled all camp fees will be returned.

Campers are expected to provide their own medical insurance.  Our location does not assume direct responsibility for the health care of those who are using the facilities  for summer programs. In the event of injury/illness, campers will be transported.


Mapping & Orienteering

Orienteering is a sport that exercises your mind as well as your body. The challenge is to read a detailed topographic map and figure out the best way to get yourself from point A to point B over hills, across streams, and along trails. You and your team will navigate four color-coded courses across the area using a map to find control points along the way. By reading and orienting your map, you can locate all of the controls on each course and earn a prize!

Ohio Trees

New Program.  Details will be announced later.


Campers will be using the Engineering Design Process,  a series of steps that engineers follow to come up with a solution to a problem. The solution will involve designing a product that meets certain criteria and/or accomplishes a certain task. Campers will be able to make changes on their designs and retest.  

The Wacky World of Science

Join us as we explore the wacky world of science by taking part in exciting and unusual experiments guaranteed to mesmerize and baffle your imagination. Engage in STEM activities that will put your problem solving skills to work and challenge your way of thinking. It will be hours of fun you won’t want to miss.


In this class students will explore all things that “fly.”  This includes the “how,” “whys” and “whats” of flight.  The campers will contruct three objects to test the principals of flight.  Then they will design and construct their own “flying machine.”