Day Camp 7-8 Grade

July 27-30, 2021

What is Be WISE Day Camp?
Be WISE Day Camp is a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) camp for girls entering grades 7 or 8 in the Fall of 2021.

When is this year’s Day Camp?
This year’s Day Camp will be held at Blendon Woods, Sugarbush Day Camp Center, 5364 Cherry Bottom Road, Gahanna, OH  July 27-30, 2021 from 9:00AM- 2:45PM each day.  

Camp Fees
Camp fees are $225 which include educational materials. Campers will need to bring a sack lunch as no lunches will be provided.  Transportation to and from camp each day is NOT provided. Make checks payable to: Be WISE Day Camp. Payment in full is required with the camp application. Camp maximum is 72 girls. Applications will be accepted on a first come basis. Fees will be returned if the camp is full. There will be no refunds after May 30, 2021, unless camp is cancelled because of the coronavirus.  If camp is cancelled, full camp fees will be returned.

Campers are expected to provide their own medical insurance.  Blendon Woods does not assume direct responsibility for the health care of those who are using the facilities  for summer programs. In the event of injury/illness, campers will be transported to Urgent Care Gahanna/New Albany, 5610 North Hamlton Rd, Gahanna and emergency care treatment to Mount Carmel St. Ann’s in Westerville, Ohio.

To apply for Be WISE Camp,
you must send forms by May 30, 2021 electronically to: and mail payment.

Or send forms in the mail with payment to:

             688 BREVARD CIRCLE
             PICKERINGTON, OH 43147



no refunds after may 30th unless we cancel camp. if camp is cancelled, full camp fees will be returned.


All Camp Forms:

Once the PDF is downloaded, you may fill out the forms on your screen by simply clicking your cursor on the lines. Use the “tab” button to move faster through each field. When completed, save the document(s), print them out and mail them to the address below Or print and fill out by hand. 

Mail all pages including Health by May 30, 2021 to:

Jessica Kuhner
               688 Brevard Circle
               Pickerington, OH 43147


This camp encourages long-lasting friendships between girls with similar interests.This allows for many girls to maintain and build friendships over the course of this camp and hopefully throughout their future endeavors.

This summer the curricula includes Ecology, Stream, Math and Physics. One day is dovoted to each discipline.


What does it mean to reduce, reuse, recycle and upcycle? In Ecology campers will experience the process of using items to reduce their imprint on the Earth.  Campers will also be using engineering design process to create a useful product related to their lives.


In this class campers will join in the excitement of catching critters that live in the stream. They will take part in designing their own watershed communities and then put their designs to the “test” and observe and discuss the outcomes. Then the campers will engage in a little competition to develop a water purification device that will “cleanse” dirty or polluted water and test their results.


Students will build tetrahedral kites. The models will then be combined to make a larger tetrahedron, and students will compare the ratio of the edge, area, and volume to the models to help understand scaling factors. Students will also use ratio and proportion to change a recipe to serve more or less people. Then they will make the recipe!


The focus in physics is the science behind bubbles. One of our goals is to discover which brand and/or flavor of gum produces the largest bubble. Our second goal is to determine which brand of soap creates the largest bubble dome.  Campers will discover what makes the swirling colors on the surface a bubble and why bubbles are shaped like a sphere.  Campers will build their own bubble blowing structures and also concoct their own bubble solution recipe to compete for the longest lasting bubble at camp.  A favorite culminating activity is being encased inside of a giant bubble.  Physics at camp is good, clean fun.

Not only is there so much to learn and discover, but the fun in doing brings many campers back for another awesome year!